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May 2015 UpDate
Brides and Bridesmaids, May Comic, and Spring Pin-Ups

Spring festival is here and all of you housewives are invited to take off your aprons, your silky bathrobes, and of course...your clothes and join me in the backyard for fun! It's time to soak up the sun, drench our bodies in oil and creams and squeal with pleasure! Want to make a few extra bucks for the summer??? put a lil sign on your chest and advertise your holes for the yard sale on the block! heheh. Sheila tried that last year...what a yummy time :) I've created some fun pin ups for the season, a new set called Brides and Bridesmaids, and a NEW comic. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


April  2015 UpDate
Favorite Cartoon Damsels, Peek-a-Boo, & Working Moms

So this month's creamy delight is a bit of springtime fun. Pent up working moms who just need a release...women who just need to tease a little and show a peek, ladies who know it's just always better with a friend! A huge shout-out to my fans this month for their great ideas...keep them coming. Also a thank you to the softball girls and mom's club who keep me fantasizing and drawing everyday....heheheh. Everyone needs a release and I hope you enjoy yours!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


March  2015 UpDate
Pinups, SuperHeroines + BONUS, & 5 Day Full Size Comic!

I love to go to the different clubs and gatherings with the other moms and housewives in the neighborhood and fantasize the meeting away....thinking about who might get lucky with who...what fun we might all have! You can see how PTO meetings suddenly become very, very hot ;-) I put together some fun pinups and continue my 5 day mini comic series this month starring Melissa! Has her mom's luck run out....or just begun????

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


February  2015 UpDate
Celebriteeze, Pinups, SuperHeroines, & 5 Day Full Size Comic!

I've always love february for the all the fun candy you can get for valentine's day and all the cute red and pink nighties you can buy. So yummy in my mouth and silky on my skin....oh I'll stop talking about Catherine ;-) This month is a wonderful taste of my latest artwork with celebs, a mini comic, superheroines, and some more classic pin ups. All the artwork you see is also available for purchase so just email me with what you want...artwork wise! Don't see something you'd like? Email me and I will do a commission work of your choosing!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


January  2015 UpDate
Celebriteeze, Pinups, SuperHeroines, & 5 Day Full Size Comic!

I'm ringing in the new year with a whole new batch of artwork inspired by my girlfriends and all of you! Your ideas that you have been sharing through email and on facebook are wonderful. This month I created some celebriteeze of my favorite icons...can you guess who they are? My little treat for you is a 5 Day Full Size Comic along with brand new hot SuperHeroines. I loved watching cartoons as a kid and knowing all the names of my favorite Heroines...Can you tell me the names of each of them....hint..I drew them how I always fantasized about them :)

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


December  2014 UpDate
Two Special 5 day Comics for a special Holiday Treat!

I wanted to give everyone a special treat so I created a 5 day full sizecomic and another strip comic along with brand new pin ups! I couldn't choose just one pin up idea so I just kept drawing everything on my mind...lol. The girls gave me the thumbs up at Thanksgiving while we stuffed each other...heheh. Looking for the most perfect holiday gift? Give you lover some inspiration...Rebecca style! Every piece of artwork you see is available for sale. You can contact me anytime at housewivesatplay@hotmail.com. Don't forget to share your latest ideas for me to draw on my facebook page. I love to hear what your mind is cooking up :) heheh.

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


November  2014 UpDate
Rebeccca's New Housewives at Play Color pin ups and Comics!

I'm so hungry...what to eat...what to eat... I've been working so hard on my latest set of artwork (my new Hap color pin ups and comic strips) that I get hungry just thinking about them. I don't think I can wait till Thanksgiving when all my neighbors are cumming over. Maybe I'll have to have a little brainstorming session with the girls this week! Don't forget to share your latest ideas for me to draw on my facebook page. I love to hear what your mind is cooking up :) heheh.

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


OCTOBER  2014 UpDate

Do you recognize these hotties? The new seasons of so many series have me all wet and dripping with ideas for new pin ups! Which TV housewives would you host at your own at your own 'party'? I got so inspired I even created sexy superheroines and more of our favorite housewife pin ups. They may save the world or dance up a storm, but in my neighborhood, they all want the same thing...to be a housewife at play :) ooooo I'm all wet just thinking about it!!!!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


SEPTEMBER  2014 UpDate


I'm so excited for the new fall season of season priemeres to start soon. All the hot housewives of TV will be back and my imagination will be going crazy with each week's episode! In honor of the return of Dancing with the Stars, I have included a weekly bonus drawing each Sunday to inspire you :) You'll also get to enjoy my take on my favorite comics and some more classis TV hotties. I've been working my ass off...would you like to come and massage it for me? maybe a little lotion and soft kisses...mmmmmmm....

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


AUGUST  2014 UpDate

Hot new artwork from Rebecca!

I've been working hard on some completely new stuff that goes back to my pin up style and my love for comics. This month you get to see how I imagine some of the tv hotties I grew up watching. But I couldn't stop myself, so I also created covers of my favorite comic characters...as I would have written the story! Don't miss my new 5 day comic strips and the fan favorite....celebriteaze. If you like my new artwork, let me know by going to my facebook page and chatting with me. I love your feedback and it gets me all gooey to hear other people are enjoying my artwork as much as I am!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


JULY  2014 UpDate

More Rebecca's Romance Covers and Exclusive Artwork!

Extra...Extra...Extra! Latest Breaking News from Rebecca! My publisher will no longer be publishing any new comics so the only place you'll be able to find my artwork will be here!!!! And I'm so excited to bring you even more. I'm going to be posting updates 5 days a week with a Teensatplay update every Friday.

Starting off this month, you can see my latest Romance covers hot off the press....geez if I get any more excited I'm going to creeeam! I'll be posting a whole new set of artwork next week too. Interested in having a commission of your choice drawn by me? Email me and we'll put our 'talents' together and see what our imaginations can create :) heheh.

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


June  2014 UpDate

Rebecca's Lastest Artwork!

It's that time of year...when the sun is hot, my tits are tan, and the friends cum over for some backyard fun with the housewives on the block...bathing suits not required! Hopefully one of them will lotion me up. With her hands all over me and beads of sweat dripping down between my breasts....mmmmmmm. Click on the update to see just where my imagination when with this summers activities!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


May  2014 UpDate

Rebecca's Lastest Artwork!
I have been so inspired by the suggestions everyone has been sending me that I've created some fantastic are that I've been excited to show you. With each piece in full color and more cumming next month. My creative juices are dripping and soaking my panties. Don't forget that you can purchase the very artwork you are seeing here - each piece, one of a kind! Just email rebecca or check our my store!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


April  2014 UpDate
Rebecca's Favorite News Babes
BREAKING NEWS: I love watching my favorite news babes, weather girls, and promiscuous pundits! My imagination runs wild and my thighs get wet just wondering what news story they would do if I were in the room with them! Let's just say it would definitely be a 'situation room.' I hope you enjoy these 8 pieces...you'll never watch the news the same way again. heheh.

MILFs on Mars Revisited part 2
I had such a great response last month from fans to the first 8 pieces that I decided to do another set for this month. I love the feedback from everyone and all the suggestions. Don't forget to check out my facebook to chat and discuss my artwork with me and other fans!

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


March  2014 UpDates
Rebecca Re-imagines Romance!
Will winter ever end? Valentine's day got me thinking about how much I LOVE a good romance novel and the covers they come with! I decided to create a few of my own covers to share with you. Hopefully, they will help you to heat up the room on those long cold winter nights! So come snuggle with me and a good update!

MILFs on Mars Revisited!
I've been wanting to revisit one of my favorite graphic albums - MILFs on Mars. I love thinking outside the toybox. Check out my latest 8 pieces of artwork to complete this month's update. Let your imagination run wild as you enjoy an "out of this world" update! xoxo - R

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


February  2014 UpDates
"50 Shades" Part 2 - the final chapter!
Will YOU be my Valentine??? I thought you might enjoy seeing the second half of my 50 Shades graphic album for this month's sweet update. From my imagination to your screens, I hope you get a sweet treat out of my creations. Stay tuned for more of my new artwork "Romance Covers" coming in March's update and as always, don't forget to check out the Eight-Teens At Play updates every week! See you in my dreams!!! xoxo - Rebecca

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


January  2014 UpDates
Cathy's Next Chapter - "Cathy's Story Continues" Part 2
Happy New Year!!! With a new year comes new chapters of comic series and new graphic albums all available exclusively online here. This year's comics and graphic albums will not be available in print and have been created for my website only. For your first tasting, check out the continuation of how Cathy became a housewife at play! So bundle up, snuggle up, and enjoy an adventure with me! Be sure to stay tuned for February's update to see the continuation of the 50 Shades graphic album...

Weekly Eight - "Teens At Play" updates


December  2013 UpDates
A New Graphic Album! - "50 Shades" Part 1
Introducing my newest graphic album available here only! This graphic album is not in print and exclusive to the website. Check out 50 Shades....of my imagination. Don't forget to treat yourself and that special someone to Rebecca's original artwork...now on sale buy one, get one free only through the end of December! Happy Holidays.

Don't forget "Teens At Play" weekly updates are now here


November  2013 UpDates
Housewives At Play Graphic Album: "Wifey See - Wifey Do" Part 2
Bringing the final section to this album which I started a few months ago. I have so much great stuff to share coming up including my Teens At Play art which is now here on this site. I decided to devote all my time to art work instead of the photos and movies so we are closing those sites. I thank all my loyal fans for their support over there. Don't forget "Teens At Play" weekly updates are now here


October  2013 UpDates
Patty the Prequal Continues Part 5
Check out Patty's adventures before she became the character that came alive in Housewives at play. Her new adventure will leave you hot and bothered and hungry for more. I'm excited to bring the back stories of each of the housewives to life for you to get to know them and fantasize about them more! Enjoy and check out my facebook and let me know how you liked it.


September  2013 UpDates
Brand New "Hot Moms #18"
Some back stories of your favorite characters have been developing in my wicked little mind and have now found their way into the comics. I continue with my own self publishing since Eros stopped printing comic books and only does albums (although they are rethinking their policy so let's keep our fingers crossed). But in the meantime all my work is still published online here except for my Teens At Play which is published over at the teens site.


August  2013 UpDates
Housewives At Play Graphic Album: "Wifey See - Wifey Do" part 1
Brand New Album Begins! I am currently working on two new graphic albums which Eros has agreed to publish. This is part one of the first album with part two coming in a month or so. The second album is more intensive and it will be called "Fifty Shades of Houswives". You can imagine what that will be about. Next month though we have a brand new color Hot Moms comic for you in the works.


July  2013 UpDates
"Nudes At 11"
It sure is hot here! Cloudy today with a chance of orgasm later this afternoon. Now back to the nudes. I do not know if you have ever watched your news and weather persons the way I do, but I promise you that you will never look at the same way again. Only from the wicked mind of Rebecca could this "News Babes" be displayed in a way you will never see elesewhere.


June  2013 UpDates
"Housewives At Play Comic #21 - Cathy's Comic Continues"
A New Era Begins! The world continues to change and Eros will no longer be printing comic books. Is the age of printed comics at an end? They will continue to print my graphic albums and some special editions, but the lowly comic book seems to be too expensive to produce any longer. But not to be sad....I am starting my own online publishing empire (actually it's just me in the back room with my dildo and drawing table). We will continue the Housewives at Play and Hot Moms Comics you have cum to know and love right here online. Yippeee!


May  2013 UpDates
"Where's Your Mother - Finale"
Happy Mothers Day! We are celebrating all the Moms, Grand Moms and great Grand Moms in our lives this month. To all our women out their raidsing kids in whatever function as teachers, mentors, coaches etc, you have my deepest respect and honor. But there comes a time when Mom needs to kick back and kick up her heels and have a little fun.

On another note, how is this weekly update thingy working out for you? You know I love to please my fans. Let me hear from you.


April  2013 UpDates
Happy Springtime! You are going to feel a lot of Glee, and be Dancing With the Stars this month, as we gather with many of your favorite celebri-teaze including Britany, Patty, Nicole, Elle, and Sarah Palin and her daughter. As always these are not really the actual celebrities and any resemblance is purely in your wicked imagination.

I was going to finish the album "Where's Your Mother" this month, but I suddenly realized that next month is Mother's Day and what better way to honor Mom than with her very own hot pictorial.. I do hate to keep you waiting, but sometimes waiting heightens the pleasure.


March  2013 UpDates
"Patty the Prequal 2013 - part 4"
Happy St. Patty's Day! What better way to celebrate the start of spring and Mardi Gras than with one of my back stories of Patty and other characters you know and love? Many have asked “what happened to the other characters in Cathy’s world?”  Well, I’m going to be telling their stories in depth, detail, and in comic strip form.  I love this format, as it allows me to experiment and have fun. In the future, Melissa – daughter  Lynn – sister Stephanie – Poke me Hiney will be featured, just be patient. As of now, there is no plan to ever release them in book form.  It’s for members only here on my official site.  

February  2013 UpDates
"Hot Moms # 17"
Happy Valentines Day! Rebecca gets you right in the romantic mood with the story of a housewife who kidnaps and sexually trains her neighbor's daughter. Ok, well maybe that doesn't exactly get you in a romantic mood, but it will make you hot, guaranteed. And that is why we call this series "Hot Moms". Enjoy this latest dose of pure steamy XXX sex-fun from the #1 purveyor of suburban woman-on-woman eroticism, Rebecca! You won't want to miss this one so get inside right now.

January  2013 UpDates
"Where's Your Mother Part 1"
Happy New year! We start the year with a brand new graphic album featuring some of Rebecca's best drawings ever. We will be going right through part one with updates every week. In case you missed it last week we also uploaded two new printed editions, "Hanky Spanky" and "Wide Open Spaces". We have another printed edition coming up soon along with a brand new Hot Moms comic next month. So now is the time to spend some of that holiday gift money to join Rebecca.


December  2012 UpDates
"Wide Open Spaces" and "Hanky Spanky"
Our weekly updates continue, but now we are featuring one issue per month. Well, except for this month where we are finishing two issues. I hope this is not too confusing. Our fans said they preferred sticking with one section at a time rather than skipping around too much. This month we are finishing up two of my latest albums. The link to the left starts out with "Wide Open Spaces" and will be updated the first two weeks ( along with some extras) and the last two weeks the link to the right leads to "Hanky Spanky". Happy holidays everyone!



November  2012 UpDates
"Comic Superstars"
A word of explanation. Many fans wrote that they did not like skipping around so much with updates and would prefer going through a comic or album all at once. Rebecca does love to please. So we will continue with weekly updates, but each month will be a complete section. This month something brand new, "Comic Superstars", as only Rebecca imagines them. Next month we will conclude "Wide Open Spaces" and "Hanky Spanky", so you will be getting a lot of extra stuff, and then starting the new year we begin in Jan. a new Housewives At Play album, "Where's Your Mother", and a brand new Hot Moms Comic in Feb.


Oct. 2012"Trick or Treat"
Week Of Oct. 29

For those of you waiting with bated breath to see the Patty prequeals each month here is an extra addition as a treat, which also concludes part three of the prequeal.
Week Of Oct. 22

Continuing now part two of "Wide Open Spaces". Something new in my neighborhood this halloween, naked trick or treating. I hope it catches on.
Week Of Oct. 15

This month's update to part 3 of the "Prequel to Patty". It is wonderful to see how these characters developed into my stories.
Week Of Oct. 8

Moving along with part 2 of my album Hanky Spanky'. We are going to give it to you good this month.
Week Of Oct. 1

Happy Halloween! A special little treat for you this month, an extra drawing, as we finish up our 'Hippie Chicks' series. Beginning next month will be a brand new series of color drawings called ,"Comic Superstars".
Sept. 2012Back to school!
Week Of Sept. 24

Starting part two this month for "Wide Open Spaces". All the kids are back at school so it really leaves a lot of time to go outside and get naked. Maybe you should take a walk around the neighborhood today. You might see a bit more than the beautiful Fall scenery.
Week Of Sept. 17

This month's update to part 3 of the "Prequel to Patty". Some of you seem a bit impatient with waiting for these strips monthly rather than every week. I do have soooo much to share with you. I wouldn't know what to leave out.
Week Of Sept.10

Continuing part 2 of my newest album entitled "Hanky Spanky" for my fans that like things a little uh harder. Don't make me have to spank you!
Week Of Sept. 3

Everything old is new again. I am starting to see a lot of the outfits that the hippie chicks wore when I was young on the young housewives of today. I guess you would call these 'hot hippie milfs'.
Aug. 2012
Howdy neighbor, welcome to Rebecca's neighborhood
Week Of Aug.27

Can you imagine the nerve of some people to think it inappropriate to go naked in the "Wide Open Spaces"? I got yelled at by a new neighbor recently for doing one of my photoshoots in our local park. I gave her my card. One of these drawings this week is of her, LOL.
Week Of Aug. 20

Here we go with this month's update to part 3 of the "Prequel to Patty". Patty seems to live a pretty exciting life. Some of this is autobiographical, some of it is my wicked imagination.
Week Of Aug.13

We are starting part two of my brand new album entitled "Hanky Spanky". The first section is now complete for your pleasure. Now bend over while I spank you ;-)
Week Of Aug. 6

It has been a lot of fun this summer drawing this brand new series of color drawings called "Hippie Chicks". Each work is based on a memory from my past, which seems to get sweeter as time goes on.
July 2012
Having a hot summer.
Wish you were here!
Week Of July 30

Take off all your clothes and run outside into the "Wide Open Spaces". It feels great! Just take a walk with me around my neighborhood and see how happy everyone is.
Week Of July 23

Here we go with part 3 of the "Prequel to Patty".Everyone is saying how much they love these prequels and the old fashioned comic strip way in which the back story is unfolding. You know how I love to please my fans.
Week Of July 16

Here is the most recent update to my album entitled "Hanky Spanky". Next month we start part two of this very graphic album.
Week Of July 9

This month we finish the wonderful Hot Moms #16 comic. There is even an extra drawing this month to make you feel extra hot.
Week Of July 2

I am continuing my brand new series of color drawings called "Hippie Chicks". Taking a look back at those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer from my youth.
June 2012
Currently Drawing: Brand new Celebri-Teaze!
Week Of June 25

Finishing up this current gallery of Celebri-Teaze. You eat them up and I will make more. Of course the fact that they look like your favorite celebrities is just a coincidence. OK?
Week Of June 18

Here is an update to our brand new graphic album entitled, "Wide Open Spaces". This month the housewives are outside doing all their naughty little things just for you. These gals look good enough to eat.
Week Of June 11

Get ready for some more "Hanky Spanky". Bend over and take it like a man, or a woman, or whatever you want to be today. Rebecca is happy to spank you no matter what gender you think you are.
Week Of June 4

Its getting hot outside and even hotter inside our site. These Hot Moms are so hot they can't keep their clothes on. You gotta see this. Continuing this week is our current Hot Moms # 16.
May 2012
Currently Drawing:Those fun loving MILFS from the past, "Hippie Chicks"
Week Of May 28

Its the official start of the 2012 summer season. That means you have to strip off all your clothes and go out into the "Wide Open Spaces". At least that is how we celebrate here in my neighborhood.
Week Of May 21

It feels good to finish something you started, especially sex. I am now officially finished with part 2 of the "Prequel to Patty". I hope you all are finishing at just the right time as me. I hope you didn't finsih too soon. If you did hopefully you will want to cum again.
Week Of May 14

Mommy is going to have to spank all you bad boys and girls out there. This is Mom's Day and we Moms get to do what we like. And Mommy likes spanking. Here is the most recent update to my album entitled "Hanky Spanky"
Week Of May 7

Happy Mothers Day to all our Hot Moms out there. Here are some brand new drawings from the new Hot Moms #16 comic to help you celebrate your special day.
Week Of May 1

I am honoring Mother's Day this month by looking back at my own youth when us 'soon to be' Moms were all happy little "Hippie Chicks". This is the beginning of the 2012 gallery of brand new drawings.
April 2012
Currently Drawing: A brand new graphic album, "Wide Open Spaces"
Week Of Apr. 23

I am trying to finish up part 2 of the "Prequel to Patty", but I have just had too much stuff to share with you. I think this is the next to last segment of this story.
Week Of Apr. 16

I will be exploring all the wonderful things you can sexually do outdoors as the warmer months approach (not that the weather has ever stopped me before). Here is an update to a brand new graphic album entitled, "Wide Open Spaces".
Week Of Apr. 9

I hope you all have been very very good otherwise the easter Bunny is going to have to spank you. Oh, you've never heard the legend that way before. Well that is the way the Easter egg rolls around here ;-) Get ready for some more "Hanky Spanky"
Week Of Apr. 2

Whew! March madness is finally over with all the new changes here on the site adding weekly updates and starting a whole bunch of new works at once. Continuing this week is our current Hot Moms # 16.
March 2012
Currently Drawing: A brand new "Hot Moms # 16"
Week Of Mar. 26

Since Spring is a time of new beginnings, let me begin by introducing the beginning of my brand new graphic album entitled, "Wide Open Spaces". I will be exploring all kinds of things my neighbors love to do outdoors. Don't you wish your neighborhood was like mine?
Week Of Mar. 19

I am still on a Patty kick since we just had a nice St. Patty's Day party yesterday. So I am going to continue the "Prequel to Patty Part 2" this week. I know I am getting a little out of order here, and I have so much new stuff to share with you in the weeks ahead, but you know how I love Patty.
Week Of Mar. 12

Happy St. Pattys Day! I couldn't let Patty's Day go by without Patty coming out to play, now could I? Here is the lovely Patty bustin' out just in time for Spring, along with some of her other celebrity friends. Our newest Celbri-Teaze update.
Week Of Mar. 5

This week's update is another section of "Part 2 of the prequel to Patty" we began last month. It is really fun to go back in time and see how the characters developed their personal traits and sexual appetites. I think you are going to really enjoy this one.
February 2012
Currently Drawing: A brand new graphic album, "Hanky Spanky", and all new Celbri-Teaze
Week Of Feb. 27

Have you been good boys and girls? Really? If not I am going to have to spank you. You know Rebecca wants what is best for you. So get inside right now and see this week's update of "Hanky Spanky".
Week Of Feb. 20

Brand new Celebri-Teaze on top of everything else this month? You bet! Nothing but the best for my fans. This is Gallery 14 which is where the latest mid month updates went to live. I am adding more new celebs to that gallery and will continue until it is complete. Say hello to Jennifer Aniston for me ;-)
Week Of Feb. 13

Happy Valentines Day! I see you are getting a little spoiled now getting updates every single week. I will have to spoil you even more by starting another brand new comic, Hot Moms #16. Enjoy!
Week Of Feb. 6

One of the things which may seem a bit different with this new weekly update is that I will not be going directly through an album or comic, but will be skipping around. I hope that it is not too confusing. Let's try it this way for awhile and see if you like it. This week's update is the first section of "Part 2 of the prequel to Patty" we began last month.
Week Of Jan. 30

Let's get started on this weekly update thingy. Your job will be to click on the little member button to the left to get to the update each week. Think you can handle that? My job will be to make sure there is something there for you every single week. This week we have the very first drawings from a new graphic album called "Hanky Spanky".

January  2012 UpDate
"New Year's Resolution #1 ~ Join Housewives At Play"
A new update every week , correction five new updates every week. Five brand new never before seen comic strips each week telling the continuing story of how Patty came to be the housewife we know and love today. Some of this is autobiographical. These comics will never be published and are only for the members here. So what are you waiting for? Cum inside where all my Housewife and Hotmom comics await you.

December  2011 UpDate
"Its Time" Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you all! I hope I did not miss anyone's holiday. If I did please send it to me so I can include you. Better yet, write it on the brand new 2012 Rebecca Calendar and we can make it an official date every year. This month's update is my very exclusive calendar that I do only for you fans every year. You can print this up and hang it at the office, the garage. or wherever fine pin up girls get hung. I also included the originals as well as some holiday goodies.

November  2011 Main UpDate
"Thank Heaven It's Celebri-Teaze Time" Happy Thanksgiving! We have to give "thanks" for all the celebrities who brighten our lives all year long, and satisfy the urge to wonder what they look like without their clothes on. So here is a tempting feast of some of our favorite celebs as only Rebecca can imagine them. As always any resemblence to real people is purely in your wicked imagination.


October  2011 UpDate
Housewives At Play Pinups 2011 For your eyes only! Exclusively for members of this site only, these are NON published
drawings made by Rebecca for her fans only. These treats are no trick....a Halloween surprise to tatntalize even the most ardent fan. So stop reading this drivel and get inside right now to get your eyes feasting on these dee-lightful pinups.  

September  2011 UpDate
Housewives At Play Comic #20 - "Inside and Wide"
It's back to school time! And that means one thing, hitting the books.....the comic books. Just in time for the start of school we are releasing the artist scans of my very latest HAP Comic. I used to love getting a new text book on the first day of school. Looking up at my beautiful teacher standing over me with a ruler in her hand, her perfume mixing with the scent of the new school books, pencils and erasers it was a very sensual experience. Oooooohhhhh.... well, enough about me, time to get crackin' on those books...so get inside right now and check this one out.

August  2011 UpDate
"Kidnapped Part 3" It's all over! The horror, the humiliation of being kidnapped and sexually used over and over again. But you want MORE! Much...much...more. Here is the final installment of Rebecca's newest work "Kidnapped".

July  2011 UpDate
Its Super! Its Powerful! Its "Kara Loves Karen"!

What happens when you take the two most powerful women on earth, Supergirl and Powergirl, and bring them together? What happens when it occurs in the wicked mind of Rebecca? The results are powerfully super hot! These are all brand new super exclusive drawings you will only see here in our members section. Please join today!

June  2011 UpDate
Kontinuing Our Kidnapped Series "Kidnapped Part 2"Rebecca's newest Housewives At Play grapic album. It is so new it is not even finished yet. Rebecca is working on new drawings as we speak. These are the very latest. Let's see what Rebecca keeps down her basement shall we?

May  2011 UpDate
"HotMoms 15" We interrupt our regularly scheduled update of "Kidnapped" to bring you this exclusive Mother's Day special, my 15th edition of the Hot Moms comic. It is ~hot~, and it is Mom's day, so what better way of showing our love and appreciation. The extra hot series of "Kidnapped" will return next month. These are the original artist scans which you get to see before they go to the printer to make the actual comic. We also post the comic here as well after it is printed.

April  2011 UpDate
"Kidnapped Part 1"Rebecca's newest Housewives At Play grapic album. Rebecca explores the darker side of eroticism as she draws for us the fantasy of being "kidnapped". Whether you have ever fantasized about being totally in control of another, or being the one controlled, Rebecca shows us our sexual dreams, in the artistic way that only she can do. Buckle up, this is going to be a fun ride which you will not want to miss.

March  2011 UpDate
"Comic Strip" Two years ago I released my 'first ever' comic strip here on the site called "Love Story". Reminiscent of those old strips we used to love in the funny papers when we were kids, mine was bit naughtier. Today I am releasing my 'second ever' comic strip, aptly titled  "Comic Strip 2011". As I did last time, the strips will not be available until the week they are due to keep you in suspense throughout this month. That was part of the fun of those old comic strips!

Feb.  2011 UpDate
"Hippie Chicks 2011" 
Sometimes I just get an urge to draw something different. I guess that is the artsist in me. Two years ago I did a spontaneous gallery called "Hippie Chicks" in honor of the 40th anniversary of Woodsctock, and in memory of my youth. Today's hot moms, cougars, and MILFS, were once wild hippie chicks like myself. So I felt like drawing another batch during a recent winter snowstorm. I have not published these, and may never do so. They are solely for you members to enjoy.

January 2011 UpDate
Happy New Year! Brand New !!! - Final Part 3  of the All New Housewives At Play Graphic Album "Do You Work Here?
You know all those sales clerks and medical personnel who keep you waiting in long lines and really p_ss you off? Well I have found a new hobby to pass the time while they keep me waiting. I picture them naked and doing all sorts of sexual things. I even bring along my sketch pad now. Here are some to get your imagination jump started after the holiday season.