Did you ever imagine yourself with your neighbor's wife. Or your sister and hubby coming over for a threesome, foursome or ???  Well if your a fan of Rebecca then the answer is, 
"Of Course !"  Maybe not those scenarios, but you have thought of your own.  How would you like Rebecca to draw your personal fantasy?
Rebecca is now taking commissions

You can put in your names or have the characters saying what you want.
Imagine what a suprise gift this would make for your special someone.
You can even submit photos for a more "realistic" effect,
or leave the whole thing up to Rebecca's juicy imagination.
Each piece will be custom designed and inked to your specifications...

All orders handled discreetly by Rebecca herself through e-mail.

E-mail Rebecca today with your ideas and ask about your own custom artwork....

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Make Sure you E-mail Rebcca Today
Then She Will Instruct You How to Proceed